Here are the most common questions people ask about the Elton Firework Spectacular.

They are grouped by subject to help you find answers to specific questions. Use these quick links to find your answer faster:

Getting Here

There is easy pedestrian access to the event via the Community Centre and Scout Hut Lane.

By Foot (Preferred)

The Elton Parish Field is just a 5-10 minute walk from most areas of the village. There is easy Pedestrian access via the Community Centre Car Park and also via Scout Hut Lane. Access to the field can also be gained via the alleyway from Mount Pleasant.

Please Note: that access via neighboring fields may be blocked as part of our required safety cordons.

By Car

With the increasing popularity of the event, each year we welcome more and more visitors from outside of the area. While Car Parking is available on the Elton Community Centre, please bear in mind that parking here is extremely limited.

If you’re visiting by car and find that the Community Centre car park is full – please be considerate when finding alternative places. Where possible, avoid parking in residential areas and do not block access to driveways.

Please DO NOT block access to the Scout Hut Lane from School Lane as access is required down Scout Hut Lane throughout the event in case of an emergency.

Questions about tickets

When are tickets available?

Registration for tickets will open on Eventbrite in September 2021. Tickets will be available right up until the day of the event on Friday 5th November.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets are FREE! However in 2017, we introduced ‘donation tickets‘ which allowed attendees to specify an amount of their choosing for the ticket.

Donation tickets are entirely optional, they’re just an additional avenue of accepting donations for the event.

Do I need a ticket? I went before without one…

No, you don’t need a ticket to enter the event. We introduced ticketing in 2016 via Eventbrite to help publicise the event and also to help us estimate attendance numbers more accurately.

Can I see the fireworks without a ticket?

YES! The event is free to enter, even without a ticket!

How many tickets can I request?

As many as you like! However in all seriousness, each order has a maximum limit of 10 – this is a limitation set by Eventbrite.

Do I have to bring my ticket to the event?

In short, no. We have introduced ticketing via the Eventbrite ticket service to help us promote the event and to help gauge the number of visitors attending the event.

Event Facilities

Will there be toilets?

Yes, limited toilet facilities will be made available at the Scout HQ. Be warned that there may be queues.

Will there be food and drinks stalls?

Yes. Stalls selling food and drink open at 18:45 and can be found at the back of the Scout HQ.

Please be aware that the stalls will close during the firework display, but they will re-open afterwards.

Money raised through food and drink sales goes to 1st Ince and Elton Scout Group.

Is there a covered area if it rains?

No, there are no covered areas. Remember it is Autumn and the weather is changeable. Wrap up warm and be prepared for rain!

Is there first aid?

Yes. A number of stewards are First Aid certified. If you require medical attention, please seek a Steward who will locate the nearest First Aider.

Planning your night

What can I bring into the event, and what isn’t allowed?

Selfie sticks are fine, but please use them sensibly. We don’t allow chairs or tables of any kind (except flat-bottomed shooting sticks to perch on).

You can’t bring any of the following:

  • glass bottles, flasks, drinking vessels or any other form of glass
  • any item which could be used as a weapon (including sharp or pointed objects, such as knives)
  • items with an open flame (for example, candles, barbeques, gas or paraffin lamps, sky lanterns, camp fires, and gas fires.)
  • fireworks (including sparklers)
  • laser pens or laser equipment
  • illegal substances
  • drones or unmanned aircraft

This event uses pyrotechnics, as such there are bright flashes and loads of noise – as such, we strongly recommend against bringing pets to the event.

Are there any Do’s and Don’ts regarding the event?

Do . . .

  • Expect large crowds
  • Dress for the weather
  • Be prepared to stand for long periods of time
  • Use bin’s provided
  • Notify the nearest steward if you are in need of medical assistance – they will locate the nearest First Aider.

Don’t . . .

  • Take glass into the event
  • Bring any fireworks (including sparklers) into the event viewing areas
  • Bring chairs or tables into the event viewing areas
  • Bring any pets with you (except assistance dogs)

Where do I enter the event?

There is easy pedestrian access to the event via the Community Centre and Scout Hut Lane. Pedestrian access is also available via the walkway from Mount Pleasant. Access via adjacent fields may be restricted as part of our necessary safety cordons.

How long does the display go on for?

The display usually starts at around 19:30 and lasts for approximately 15 minutes.


Please note that all timings and details advertised and mentioned here may be subject to change.

The fireworks display may be cancelled at extremely short notice outside of the organisers control due to adverse weather conditions, technical issues or refusal from the CAA to proceed with the display. Infringement of safety barriers by the general public may also lead to the fireworks display being suspended or postponed.

Can I sell things on the night?

NO!! Unless prior approval has been received prior to the event.

We have a zero tolerance of unauthorised traders profiting from our charitable efforts.

Where does the events profit go?

The Elton Bonfire and Firework Spectacular is a charity event that is organised by members of the 1st Ince and Elton Scout Group Exec Committee.

This event is extremely expensive to run and we use most of our annual community grant opportunities (from local Community Funding panels) to operate this event for the benefit of our local community.

Any profits (after running costs are deducted) are ploughed back into Scouting at 1st Ince and Elton.

Do you accept donations?

The event is FREE to enter, meaning we solely rely on Food/Drink Sales and Donations to fund this great event and also raise much needed funds for our Scout Group.

There will be Scouts and Marshals with collection buckets around on the night, so if you’d like to make a donation – please seek out one of the Scouts/Marshals.