Today was Mersey Weaver’s #BigThankYou event at Queen Charlotte’s Wood, which is primarily an event to say a MASSIVE Thank You to our Volunteers for what they do – but it’s also a chance to recognise those volunteers as well.

This year, we’re very proud to reveal that 5 awards were presented to 4 of our amazing volunteers, which are:

  • Sarah Price – Chief Scout’s Commendation
  • Callum Linger – Commissioner’s Commendation & Chief Scout’s 10 Years Service Award
  • Stephen Spencer – Chief Scout’s 10 Years Service Award
  • Ashley Proctor – Chief Scout’s 10 Years Service Award

WELL DONE to all four award recipients, but also a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to say thanks to ALL of our amazing volunteers here at 1st Ince and Elton!

We’re still keenly looking for extra help within our group – you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to join, and volunteering with us is #GoodForYou! If you’re willing to give us a hand then please get in touch.