inceandelton_cheshirehike141st Ince and Elton submitted two Senior team’s into this year’s Cheshire Hike, and both teams did extremely well!

We’re extremely proud to reveal that our Senior teams came 1st and 2nd in the district (overall 7th and 11th)!

Here are the full results for Mersey Weaver:


  1. Daisy Peacock and Grace Rimmer from 1st Helsby (5th place overall)
  2. Izzy Dodgson and Holly Cleland (6th place overall)


  1. James Halliwell and Alfie Porteous from 1st Helsby (2nd place overall)
  2. Laura Knipe and Zoe Kimber from 4th Frodsham (3rd place overall)


  1. Jack Whibberley and Alex Usher from 1st Ince and Elton (7th place overall)
  2. Zach Hunter and Jack Murray from 1st Ince and Elton/Cestrian ESU (11th place overall)

Senior Plus

  1. Matthew Marnell and Sam Burgess from Cestrian ESU (overall Cheshire Hike winner with a tremendous score of 4459 points)
  2. Joe McDonnell and Toby Jackson from Cestrian ESU (6th place overall)

Congratulations Scouts, and hopefully you’ve spent the last week recovering!

And if that wasn’t enough, our winning teams presented a presentation about the Cheshire Hike to the rest of the troop on Friday night, explaining what the hike involves, how the points are scored and what it means to reach the finish. Hopefully they have inspired some of our younger Scouts to consider taking part in next year’s Cheshire Hike!