Beavers On Tuesday night beavers took part in decorating fairy cakes with the face of Pudsey the bear, along with colouring in a big A4 picture of pudsey ! Beavers We did this to support Children In Need which is on this friday the 18th november at 7.30 pm on BBC One To also help support Children In Need we got each of the Beavers to eat a tube of Smarties ( Pudseys Bandana Spots) and fill them up with 5 pence pieces! We havent had all the tubes in yet but have managed to raise a total of £24.21 so far which will go towards helping childrens lives. Beavers On the night we had a competition for the neatest coloured in picture of Pudsey and the winners were: 1st : Leo 2nd: Izzy 3rd: Jack. W and everyone else that participated got a small bag of sweets.