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Scout Experience Survey 2019

Every year we survey young people and parents/carers to understand:

  • how young people feel about Scouting and what they gain from Scouting
  • how supported adult volunteers feel and where we can offer more support
  • why young people join and leave Scouting
  • how parents/carers feel about Scouting

This survey helps us improve the impact we have on your children and those to come.


It should take you around 15-30 minutes and is easier to do on a computer rather than your phone. If your child left Scouting in the last 12 months, we would still like to hear from you. The survey will close on Monday 1st April 2019.

We would also like your child/children to complete the survey, even if they left Scouting in the last 12 months.

  • If they are under 12, then they will only be asked five simple questions and will not be asked for any contact or personal information. You may want to help or supervise them when answering but please allow them to answer honestly, giving their own opinion.
  • If they are 12, then we will ask them more detailed questions and information about their background but not their contact details as they are too young to give permission to be contacted again.
  • If they are 13 and over, then we ask them more detailed questions, information about their background, and permission to contact them again and anonymously link their answers to things like school performance.

Please note: We will never share their answers in a way that allows them to be identified. Any results will be the average of lots of young people and any matching of information to other records will be done anonymously, with the link to them as an individual broken before we look at the results.

As a thank you, everyone taking part will be entered into a draw of £500 to spend at Scout Store or Scout Adventures or a Go-Pro. The two Districts that secure the most responses will also be entered into a similar draw for £1000. 

So please remember when you’re entering the survey that ‘Where does your child take part in Scouting?’ should be answered with:

Country: ENGLAND


County/Area/Region: CHESHIRE


If you have any questions, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available here:  scouts.org.uk/frequentlyaskedquestions.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please email info.centre@scouts.org.uk.

1st Ince and Elton Scout Group AGM 2018

Please see below information for our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Please arrive ready to sit down ASAP for a prompt start. We would like to encourage all of you to attend the meeting, where we will be showcasing our newly renovated Scout HQ, the past year and where we see ourselves progressing in the next year. We will have a short meeting which will be followed by a BBQ and a variety of games for the Kids. A small fee will be charged for the BBQ and we require all Young People to turn up in full uniform, please let us know if you are coming via the method decided by your relevant section (e.g. My.SCOUT for Scout Parents). If you have any questions, please contact a leader. We look forward to welcoming and seeing you there