This Saturday (10th March 2012), 1st Ince and Elton will be continuing with their work for the Cheshire Challenge and getting our boots muddy as we go on a group hike!


The Scouts will be doing the full hike which starts in Chester and finishes in Delamere.
Scouts need to meet at Delamere Train Station at 09:10am to get the train into Chester (if you haven't paid yet, it's £2.40). We aim to set off from Chester at 10:00am.


The Cubs will be joining the Scouts in Tarvin and hiking into Delamere.
Cubs need to meet in Tarvin for 12:30pm. You have a choice of eating before you come along, or having a packed lunch with the Scouts as we won't be setting off for Delamere as a group until 13:00.


The Beavers will be joining the Cubs and Scouts at Fox Howl (just as you enter Delamere) and hiking the final leg.
Beavers need to meet at the lay-by (where it's safer) opposite Fox Howl for 14:25. We'll set off for the finish at 15:00.

The Finish

We'll all arrive as a group at Delamere Train Station at around 16:00 where there'll be a Hot Dog and Drinks before going home.

Letters about this went out to Scouts on Friday 2nd March, Beavers on Tuesday 6th March and will be going out to Cubs on Thursday 8th March. This letter will include all the final details for starting locations and times. It is important you attend this event to accrue points for the Cheshire Challenge, the more event you attend, the more points you'll receive.