This is a reminder to the Scouts that attended, and to inform those that didn’t attend on Friday.

To celebrate Founders Day 2011, we have asked our Scouts to wear either their full uniform, or at the very least their group necker (or scarf whatever you want to call it) wherever they are on Tuesday 22nd February 2011 and to take a photo. The Scout wearing their uniform (or necker) in the most exciting place wins a small prize!

We will also be running a quick inter-patrol quiz at this Friday’s meeting about Lord Baden-Powell and Founders Day, so your task this week (as well as the photo) is to brush up on your knowledge about Founders Day (and Baden-Powell)!

The Scout Association are also running a “fun social networking” campaign on Founders Day to spread the word on Scouting. If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter and want to take part in this too then please click here to find out more.