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Cheshire Hike

The Cheshire Hike is an annual competition open to all Scouts and Guides in Cheshire. The 2018 Hike will be our 52nd and will be held from the 14th April to the 15th April. Cheshire Hike is real challenge for all those who take part but with careful planning and good training you can succeed. There will be a real sense of achievement when you complete this special challenge.

Mersey Weaver Trek

Mersey Weaver Trek is an Annual expedition in July open to 10-12½ year olds from any Scout group in the District. Scouts walk approx 12km in teams of 4-6, camp overnight and cook their own evening meal. Every one who takes part receive’s a special necker and a complimentary breakfast the following morning. Trek is a fantastic way to get an introductory feel of what’s involved in participating in an event like Cheshire Hike or just opportunity for our younger Scouts to experience the Great Outdoors!