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Search and Rescue Activity

cqzc2plwyaazl4zOn 19th and 20th August, nine of our Scouts took part in a District held ‘Search and Rescue Activity’. Here’s what two of those Scouts – Cody and Josh, had to say about it. When we got to Forest Camp, we carried our equipment to the I.C.C. (Incident Control Centre), where we were given a briefing and GPS unit. We were then told to search a sector of the forest for possible casualties.
Josh – We were very tired, but it was a fun experience.
We found the casualty, which we had to report to the I.C.C. – we also used basic First Aid to like checking the pulse and airways. We had to set up an emergency shelter, where we could keep the casualty sheltered and to also set up a sleeping area (some of us didn’t get much sleep). cqzdjkcwcaantj3We then radioed in to the I.C.C., where they arranged an air supply drop from a ‘helicopter’ – once the supplies had been dropped, we used a GPS to find them and bring them back to the base. Using the supplies, we were able to treat the casualty and also feed ourselves. After receiving the supplies and attending to the casualty, we were instructed to radio in to the I.C.C. at a set time every hour. In the morning, we had to pack up base and take our equipment and the casualty to the I.C.C.
Cody – Very tiring, but it felt real. Will definitely go again!

Cubs100 – District Centenary Camp

This is the Cubs 100 Years Centenary camp, which is being held over the weekend of the 1-3rd July 2016 and will be hosted by our District at Forest Camp Activity Centre. Cubs will be taking part in many activities including:  Armoury Bases (archery, Shooting), Outdoor/backwoods cooking, Craft and Science, Branding, Morse Code and Ham Radio, Crazy Golf and Grass Skiing, Avon Scout Radio, High Adventure and Water Activities. For full info, please speak to the section leaders.   *** PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCESS TO FOREST CAMP IS VIA OVERDALE LANE ONLY (POSTCODE CW8 2EW) ***