Here you will find a brief history of ourselves as a group and of our district. This section of the site is currently made up of what little info we have at the moment, however we’re always looking to learn new things about our past. If you have any information, pictures or corrections for this section of the website then please contact us via the Contact Us page.

History of 1st Ince and Elton

There is evidence that Scouting in Ince and surrounding areas dates as far back as 1911 when our District was first formed linking our Group with Helsby, Frodsham and Runcorn. However, officially (at the time of writing anyway) Scouting in Ince and Elton dates back to 21st February 1934 when the group was first registered.

Unfortunately in 1936 (after only two years) the group closed. At this moment we’re not sure why the group only ran for 2 years, we have only been provided with registration documents.

Fast forward 13 years, 19th July 1949 to be exact when the group reopened as 1st Thornton-Le-Moors. On 11th August 1952 the group changed its name to 1st Ince. 23 years later (on 28th July 1975) the group changed its name back to 1st Ince and Elton, which it has been named ever since.

History of our District (North West Cheshire)

The original name of our geographic district appeared as:

County: Chester
Commissioners District: Delamere Forest and District
Name of Association: Runcorn
Covering the areas of: Runcorn, Moore, Frodsham, Helsby and Ince

A return dated 14th December 1922 showed that in the County of Cheshire West, our district was renamed NW Cheshire, a name which it was known by up until 2012.

An entry in the Headquarters Gazette dated June 1911 showed for the first time that Delamere Forest and District was in existence but had no District Commissioner (although Helsby had an Honourable Secretary). This is further substantiated by the Directory of Commissioners printed in January 1912.

It appears that the geographical district changed names/districts numerous times and by 1914 had been renamed Mid Cheshire, four years later (in 1919) where the district was then recognised as Western Area Northwich District. In January 1920 the district had become Runcorn District, still in Western Area and then in 1922 became NW Cheshire District and have remained so until 2012.

Although the district may have changed description, which was most likely caused by the upheaval/disruption effect of World War One, Scouting has been present in the same geographical area for 100 years (as of June 2011).