Local Walking Trails and Exercise

Scouting from home doesn’t just mean completing indoor activities! While not attending school young people can still exercise outdoors, (see NHS Physical Activity Guidelines for Children) but this should not be in groups.

Where appropriate, young people can exercise with siblings and should be supervised by responsible adults with whom they are sharing a home.

As such, we’ve created four local trails that can be followed during your daily exception to leave the house for exercise. These are:

  • RED – Starting at the Ince Notice Board, Ince Square and finishing on the footpath as you come off Kemira Road to join Station Road
  • GREEN – Starting at Elton Church Hall (Start sign visible from Kerb no need to go into the car park) and finishing at Elton Community Centre Cark Park
  • YELLOW – Starting at the end of Scout Hut Lane First Gate and finishing at the lamp post outside The Wheelwright Arms.
  • BLUE – Starting outside the Scout Hut and finishing at the Playing fields/area next to Ince reservoir.

Look out for the the trail signs along the way, they look like the following:

Along the the trails, you’ll also see at least one of the following sign. When you come across it, take a photo of yourself with the sign in view and share it with us.

IMPORTANT – Please Remember:

  • This is a family activity to be completed with members of the same household, young people MUST NOT do this on their own.
  • Incorporate one of these trails as part of your SINGLE form of exercise a day.
  • You should make every effort to minimise time spent outside of the home.
  • When passing others, you must ensure you are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

We do have maps available which have the above routes plotted on them. If you would like them, then please contact [email protected].