To raise money for the renovation of the Scout Hut, we are holding a monthly lottery draw. We will be selling numbers over the next couple of weeks closing date Friday 13th October, first draw week commencing 16th October. Numbers are £1.00 each and entry will be for a six month period so £6.00 total for one allocated number. The monthly prize will depend on how much we raise but will likely be a 60/40% split with the majority going towards the renovation of the Scout Hut. So if we sell one hundred numbers at £1.00 each there will be a £40 monthly prize. The more we raise, the bigger the prize!

Winning Numbers:

October 2017 – TBA November 2017 – TBA December 2017 – TBA January 2018 – TBA February 2018 – TBA March 2018 – TBA